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On Oct.25th, Steven Goss 8-dan from California, USA came to Okinawa

Steven Goss

On Oct.25th, Steven Goss 8-dan from California, USA came to Okinawa to
Begin training under his master, Nakahodo sensei.
He has received instruction at the Okinawa city Budokan, Okikukai HQ, Yamashiro,
Awase, Chatan, Koza, Gushikawa dojos from the following HANSHI masters.
Nakahodo, Tobaru, Okuhama, Yamashiro, Arakaki, and Yonamine.
He has practiced for more than 30 hours with a tight schedule of twice a day.
During that training period, his karate history and his activities and contributions as
A member of Okikukai were reviewed by Dan Promotion Committee made up of
HANSHI masters, and he was cleared.
On Nov.5th, he demonstrated the Sanchin, Seisan, Sanseiryu Katas, and his proficiency in the Katas were recognized by all seven HANSHI masters.
They approved his promotion to 9-dan and signed the application.

Please watch the video of his performance on the day.
Some of Mr Goss`s Karate history and Activities are introduced below.
   Year starting practice of Uechi-ryu Karate-do : 1974
 First Instructor : Robert Moorman ( deceased ) 1974~ mid-1976
   Second Instructor : Ahti Kaend (deceased) mid-1976-2001
   Additional Instructor: Shinyu Gushi ( deceased ) 1986~1989
  Current Instructor : Tsutomu Nakahodo
     Year teaching Uechi-ryu Karate
     Under supervision of Sensei Kaend : 7 years (1988-1995 )
     Independent teaching :28 years ( 1996 - current )

 He is a president of Okikukai West. The group convenes bi-annual Dan testing boards and bi-annual group and regional training. Okikukai-West makes efforts to
Expand traditional Uechi-ryu Karate in the US, and maintains communication and good relations with many other Uechi-ryu practitioners. Groups and associations in the US. Okikukai West consists of Central Coast Uechi-ryu California ( GOSS )
        Los Angeles Uechi-ryu , California ( Michael DeDonato )
        San Jose Uechi-ryu, California ( Ted Earl, Dave Sargent )
        Midwest Uechi-ryu, Missouri ( Dean Klossner )
        Ham`s Martial Arts, Toronto, Canada ( Michael Ham )





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